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Searching for the truth behind the stories of the headlines of the day requires a 24/7/365 commitment. Others think that it is I who should be committed!

Regardless of opinions all American's have one and I feel it best left to you the listener to be the judge.

"PARANOIA IS PATRIOTIC" and don't let ANYONE tell you otherwise!

In a world of 20 second sound bytes, 24 hour news cycles, and the need to make a profit we need to take much deeper looks into every facet of society. When we forget the past, we should be damned for repeating it! Our founding forefathers were called "Patriots" only AFTER defeating Brittish Rule! Untill victory, they were labeled CRIMINALS!

Society has created "Franken-Food", "Sky-Net",  and "Cyborgs" along with a people destined to be ruled by them! A decade ago most laughed about The Council on Foreign Relations, P.N.A.C., and The Bilderberg's. Now they regret being so far behind the conversation when it comes to what is happening in the headlines.


The Union Of North America might just be an election away!

There is life on Mars, corruption in politics, and a hidden agenda by the "Main-Stream Media Industrial Complex"! With you in fear in the dark and uninformed,  Corporations & Lobbyists continue the plunder of our own memories replacing them with uncertainty and anxiety.

Having a voice is more important NOW than ever! While I have a show, YOU have a voice!
Let that voice be heard, let them know that you know what they are up to and are mad as hell about it!

Only once everyone knows the truth can we fight and win! 

Call NOW and let your voice carry across this great nation of ours!
 (877) 353-1310 M-F 9pm to Midnight MT

Listener / Guest Comments

JIM---"You're gonna get booted off the air for that kind of talk!"
VICKIE---"What a great show you have!"...Your commitment to your audience hearing the truth about this country really shows!"..."You Sir are a TRUE Patriot!"
BRIAN---"I listen to you to get the news and the stories that aren't getting reported"... "You do the work for me"
TREVOR----"Evil Incarnate!"
DR. DAVID GRUDER----"You are the Dr. Demento of talk radio and you've turned me into a fan! I hope you are able to syndicate your show -- the rest of the country deserves to enjoy your unique style."


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